When we rolled out our coming soon page, we thought it would be an excellent time to implement a new tech stack. While we’re big fans of DigitalOcean and their one-click server setup, but, for this project, we decided to scrap the server, and it’s configurations, and go for the JAMStack serverless architecture. Say hello to the new hotness, Netlify. With its easy deployment using GitHub or Bitbucket, it’s a developer’s dream come true, plus, with AWS’s serverless Lambda functions you can run server-side code without having to run a dedicated server.

And following modern web development best practices, we approached it with a component-based architecture using, Gatsby(a Blazing fast, site generator for React); it’s CLI tool makes coding a breeze. And for DNS management and modern traffic management technology we looked to NS1. We’ll put the code up on Github shortly. Cheers


Published by Don Graham

As a former college athlete, Don knows what it means to be nimble and quick to outrun the competition. He applies the discipline, mental, and physical agility of sports to Hivebrand. Don brings leadership and a strong technical background to the team. He is a constant learner, a lean thinker, an enthusiast of process improvement, as well as blockchain advocate. Along with keen business acumen, he leverages his can-do attitude and ability to rally a team to achieve their goals and overcome any challenge. Don takes his entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity to bring every brand experience to life through a unique blending of emerging technologies and visual design.

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