This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Rooms with a View at the Southport Congregational Church in Southport, CT. Rooms with a View is a totally immersive creative environment designed to inspire and delight. From the minute you arrive, you are transported into a world where creativity in design, food, craftsmanship, and performance is celebrated.

Albert Hadley, who had a weekend house in Southport, was a member of the church. From 1993 until his death, Mr. Hadley became a tireless participant, the hands-on design director as well as the show’s calling card and honorary chairman.

Hadley invited the designers personally and chose them very carefully. He developed a formula, which is still used today, six men, six women, six New York, six Fairfield County, six established, six new. For him, the excitement was always in the six new designers. He had an eye for spotting talent early – proof of that is when you look at the Rooms with a View alumni list for the past 25 years – many designers were at the very beginning of what has become a celebrated career. Thom Felicia is now the honorary chair.

Each year, 12 well-known designers are invited to create vignettes. These vignettes are stages within walls 6′ x 8′ x ‘8’ in the library and great hall of the historic, stone, Gothic Revival style church. This year’s designers are:

  1. Adams Interior Design
  2. Handin/Browne
  3. J.P. Franzen Associates Architects, P.C.
  4. Ken Gemes
  5. The Lewis Design Group
  6. Moss Design
  7. Parker and Company Designs
  8. Roughan Interior Design
  9. Sister Parish
  10. Clarity Home
  11. The Tailored Home Interior Treatments by Jhon Ortiz
  12. Alexis Parent Interiors

Rooms With A View is unique in that it is not a showcase in the traditional sense. It is a sound bite version of a designer show house. The designers are challenged to get an idea across in a small amount of space.

This year HiveBrand, a Southport digital marketing agency, is proud to be the underwriting sponsor for a new event at RWAV on Saturday, November 9th, “A Night at the Hadley.” The trade-only event will raise funds for the Rooms with a View/New York School of Design/Rooms Scholarship Fund. The Hadley restaurant space is designed by Christian P Arkay-Leliever. Cocktail service will be provided by the alluring Justin Pasha of The Cup Bearer and food by celebrity chef J.J. Johnson of Field Trip in Harlem. You can read more about J.J. and Field Trip here

Good design + Good time + Good cause = An unforgettable networking experience.

HiveBrand is happy to support the mission of Rooms with a View: “To make a contribution to the greater community through the promotion of excellence in creativity and design.” Rooms with a View has raised over 1.65 million dollars to support a host of local charities.

To view all of the events at Rooms with a View and to purchase tickets, please visit

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Laura is a natural born connector and social facilitator. She has a keen eye for design in all its myriad forms and is precise in executing every last detail. A penchant for living in resort communities, including Steamboat Springs, Nantucket, and Hawaii has enabled her to focus on delivering custom experiences for her discerning clientele. She applies an artistic and storytelling approach to HiveBrand’s design team. Laura is imaginative, strategic and passionate about helping brands tell their story by developing and delivering a simple cohesive message across all platforms and touchpoints.

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